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Cooling Service Holland has a global reputation in the area of climate control. Cooling Service Holland is a certified builder of ripening rooms since 1989 and has specialised in banana ripening technology since 1993. The Top Tec system, which wedeveloped in-house, is unique and distinctive with its advanced technology, delivering fantastic results while saving energy.
The pre-fabricated Top Tec units are equipped with all the necessary technology and can be placed on top of the ripening chambers. The system is easy to install in both newly built projects and renovated installations. As regards price, the Top Tec system is very competitive when used in existing systems and offers advantages whichever way you look at it. As well as bananas, the system is also eminently suitable for ripening other tropical fruit such as papayas, mangos, avocados and kiwis.
For information about ripening rooms and our Top Tec system, please contact Edwin Visser.
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